Brand & identity

Connect your brand to your customers.

You provide a unique solution to meet your customer’s need. How will your customers know it is your company providing this product or service? What colors will they associate with your product? What tone will they expect you to use when discussing your service? Super casual? Formal? We will explore and answer these questions.

Define your customer’s needs and deliver your unique solution.

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We find out what drives your customers.

We explore how others in your industry position themselves to meet their needs. Clarify how your solution is distinct from other solutions. Confirm the solution and positioning will align with your business goals. Develop brand elements and messaging that reinforce how your offering uniquely meets your customer’s needs.

Let’s build your brand.

Everything you need to deliver your message - and your solution.

Our Identity Package includes:

  • Visual assets including a logo, color palette, typography, and graphic styles
  • Guidance on voice, tone, and messaging
  • Tools to measure traffic and engagement
  • Access to our library of tutorials that make it easy to update and maintain your site