Heather Gibbons

Heather is a versatile and accomplished professional traversing the realms of hospitality, information technology, and marketing. Her journey has been one of dedication and success, as she consistently focuses on the common thread: making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Throughout her IT career, she successfully oversaw the HowStuffWorks network management under the Convex Group led by Jeff Arnold, the esteemed founder of WebMD and Sharecare, among other notable ventures.

Driven by her passion for food and people, she reunited with her friends to launch LEONs Full Service in Decatur, where she assumed the role of General Manager.

Following that, she made a seamless move to Lyda Fire, where she adeptly merged her IT proficiency, interpersonal finesse, managerial acumen, and fervor for marketing to drive business expansion for the young but agile agency.

Heather’s 7-year journey supporting PayPal’s Global Sales Enablement team was marked by a relentless pursuit of perfection in creating custom executive pitches. Her exceptional communication finesse and meticulous eye for detail distinguished her as a master storyteller and influential presence.

Heather has worked with esteemed companies like Facebook, Twilio, Toast, SnowFlake, Greenlight Financial, Kabbage, Roadie, Simple Practice, and many more.

Fueled by an unwavering passion to create value for others and make a meaningful impact, she co-founded Intentional Momentum, a Benefit Corporation, in June 2022. INMO is the creative agency and driving force behind Intentional Momentum, committed to elevating brands and magnifying their influence.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Heather has a passion for food, both indulging in delicious dishes and experimenting with flavors. She describes music as life and is an avid listener and musician. She is captivated by art and culture, constantly seeking out new exhibitions and performances that ignite her creative spirit, and exploring nature with her loved ones is her most cherished activity.