Georgia Appleseed

Advocating for Georgia's Children

The non-profit law organization came to INMO overwhelmed with their existing site. They were frustrated as it was challenging to find things, and the site was difficult to update.

INMO worked with the Georgia Appleseed team to define their audiences, develop a clear content hierarchy, and design a site that makes it easy for caregivers, lawyers, and other target audiences to find the resources Georgia Appleseed provides.


content management

The website contained hundreds of resources, yet it was difficult to locate anything.

Content strategy

Resources weren’t targeted to specific audiences creating confusion, frustration, and additional work for all parties.

user experience

The site had no clear hierarchy, making it difficult for users to know where to begin and where to go next.


content management

INMO facilitated the review of all content, including moving summaries of PDF resources to text for SEO purposes.

Content strategy

INMO collaborated to develop and implement top-level categories, including key messages and categorization.

user experience

The top-level categories became the core navigation items and each category was branded to increase recognition.

“INMO delivers in every way – from planning, project management and logistics, to on-time delivery of incredible creative work.”

Kate Swett, Director of Communications
Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice

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