Kontinua Foundation

Free, self-paced, STEM courses for everyone

The non-profit organization was ready to begin soliciting donors to provide free STEM education to curious and motivated students who may otherwise not have access.

INMO partnered with Kontinua to launch a brand redesign and develop a web presence that engages target audiences through clear and relevant content, design, and access to action.



Minimal resources had been allocated to design. Existing elements needed to be bolder and more cohesive.

user flow

They understood they needed funding to secure growth, but didn’t know how to reach their audiences at scale.

content marketing

They needed to capture quality leads and develop lists of contacts from several separate audience segments.



INMO created a custom brand system including a fresh logo, color palette, typography (open-source), and an icon set.

user flow

INMO created flows for three distinct audiences and provided each with a clear path to action.

content marketing

INMO created a strategic plan with several customer journeys including targeted landing pages and content offerings.

“The INMO team simplified complex subject matter through design and copywriting and created clear paths for our audiences to get what they need.”

Aaron Hillegass, Founder
The Kontinua Foundation

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